The Next Big Storm to Rock Puerto Rico: Suicide

2018.02.13. 21:23

The island hasn't recovered from Maria—and the next hurricane season starts in three months.

The number of suicides in Puerto Rico has increased by nearly one-third, or 29 percent, in 2017 over just a year prior. The figures were reported by the Commission for the Prevention of Suicide, a part of the Puerto Rico Department of Health. While the exact cause of the rise cannot be definitively pinned down, a Newsweek report from last month noted that many “health specialists and doctors said the spike in suicides can be linked to the aftermath of the storm that struck the island on September 20 and the destruction of basic resources like food, water, electricity and housing.”The numbers are particularly troubling since the suicide rate “significantly dropped in 2016 by 21 percent from 2015, then increased in 2017.”Newsweek notes that there were 27 suicides in Puerto Rico in November, or nearly one per day. In December, that figure was 20. A total of 253 people committed suicide on the island last year, up from 196 in 2016.“If someone is in a position where they do not have any electricity, water or a roof over their head, you’re going to either break and sometimes... - The Next Big Storm to Rock Puerto Rico: Suicide
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